XWiki Commons

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2020/01/29 08:28

XWiki Commons is a set of technical Java libraries that can be reused outside of the XWiki Ecosystem. Some of them are used for example in the XWiki Rendering project which itself can be used independently of the rest of XWiki.

The following libraries are available:

xwiki-comomns-blameProduce blame/annotate/praise information from a history of changes
xwiki-commons-collectionOffers basic collection-related APIs
xwiki-commons-componentGeneric and very lightweight Injection framework with a simple component lifecycle
xwiki-commons-environmentProvides a simple abstraction of the execution environment
xwiki-commons-extensionMake easier to add on the fly extension installation from various kinds of repositories
xwiki-commons-groovyProvides Groovy execution APIs
xwiki-commons-jobA set of APIs to easily communicate with an asynchronous task
xwiki-commons-loggingReceive and capture logs (SLF4J)
xwiki-commons-observationPowerful Event bus with Listeners
xwiki-commons-propertiesConvert various types of data
xwiki-commons-repositoryDistribute and expose extensions to the world. It's used on http://extensions.xwiki.org for example
xwiki-commons-scriptProvide Scripting APIs (built on top of JSR-223)
xwiki-commons-testGeneric testing framework to make it easy to unit test components
xwiki-commons-textXWiki-specific text-related APIs
xwiki-commons-velocityProvides Velocity execution APIs
xwiki-commons-xmlXML and HTML/XHTML manipulation and cleaning APIs

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